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Jimmy John's

Jimmy was looking for a new agency and as a partner in a small design firm, we were in the right place at the right time and being a small shop, we had to do everything ourselves which was awesome! 

ROLE: Art Director, design, programming, writing


This was the first website for Jimmy John's. It reflected the attitude of the brand and featured crowd-sourced Yo Mama Jokes and Pick-up Lines. While it was before ordering a sandwich online, it did feature a franchise owner portal.


O.J.J.P.P.C No. 3

You know you've made it when you get a cup you designed in the drive-thru.

Inspired by Star Wars, there are no prequels to the Official Jimmy John's Portable Party Cup No. 3.


The Jimmy Jam Collateral

Not your ordinary franchise owner meeting, this was The Jimmy Jam! We came up with the idea to inject some rock n roll with backstage pass I.D. badges and a tour shirts. The invitation was an 8-track tape with instructions to bring it to the event, plug it in the stereo and the winning tapes could win guitars and leather jackets. We went to a local shop and bought every 8-track they had.

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